INDEX To Kindergarten Songs Including
Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Johonnot. Three little doves. NS Joiner. PS
(Froebel. Joiner. MP)
(Hubbard. Zish, zish, zish. MSG)
(Seidel. Joiner. HR) Joiner. Kohl. SM Jolly fat frog lived in the river swim. See Ye frog and ye crow.
CBO Jolly frogs hop in the pond. See Frogs. PS *Jolly is the miller. HC Jolly Joe. Cole. CM Jolly miller. CBOFS *Jolly old Saint Nicholas. HR Jolly rover. LBS Jolly tester. BB
(Elliott. Jolly tester. MG) Jonson. Drink to me only with thine eyes. EFSFS
------Love song. TLB
Journey of the logs. Neidlinger. ESI
Joy, hope and love. Damrosch. StN
Joy to the world. See Handel. Antioch. TLB
*Joyfully, joyfully carol. Thayer. WS
Joyous peasant. Schumann. HMC2
Music only Joyous tones of Christmas chimes. See Ogden. Christmas carol.
KC Joyously we gather. See On Froebel's birthday. HS Juggler. HMC2
Music only. *July.^ Knowlton. NS Jumping Jack. Chavagnat. HMC2
Music only. Jumping the rope. Loeschhorn. HMC2
Music only. June. Schnecker. TLB *June roses. Knowlton. NS
"Just as I am/' thine own to be. See Martin. Child's hymn. MSL Just like this. Solomon. KC
Just see that child running. See Smith. Obedient. LCD Just the thing. HR
Kamarinskaia. Burchenal. BFD Karganoff. Brook. HMC1
Music only. ------Game of tag. HMC2
Music only. ------Nature's dream. HMC1
Music only.

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