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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Jensen. Happy wanderer. HMC1
Music only ------Windmill. HMC1
Music only
------Windmill. SL1—SM
Jerusalem above. Ward. TLB
*Jerusalem the golden. Ewing. TLB
*Jessie is both young and fair. Damrosch. StN
(Allen. Jessie. StN) *Jesus bids us shine. Walker. WS
(Hubbard. Jesus bids us shine. MSG) Jesus is king. Martin. MSL *Jesus' little lamb am I. Martin. MSL *Jesus, meek and mild. Martin. MSL Jesus, Savior, pilot me. See Gould. Pilot. TLB Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear me. See Martin. Last song. MSL *Jesus, when he was a child. Martin. MSL Jig._"Garry Owen." Page. HMC2
Music only jig._»St. Patrick's day." BFD jig._"St. Patrick's day." FDM
Music only
Jilly Jo. JB
(Variant: Miss Jenny Jones. NG) Jingle, jingle, go the bells. See Jenks. Thanksgiving song. EL Jingle, jingle, jingle, hop, hop, hop. See Smith. Knights and the
mother. SM Jingle, jingle, ring the bells. See Gaynor. Sleighing song. SCI Jockey to the fair. NEB1
*Jog on, jog on the foot pathway. Marzials. CPP Johann, spann' an Johann. See Taubert. Hildebrandshagen. RCS *John Anderson, my jo. EFS *John Brown had a little Indian. OYA John Peel. FS *John Smith. Smeltzer. SZ
Johnny had to learn a trade. See Hubbard. Johnny's trade. MSG *Johnny is a merry boy. HR Johnny is now old enough. See Musicians. HR Johnny's trade. Hubbard. MSG Johns. Barefoot boy. TLB
------Columbus saw across the main. TC
------Doll's wooing. FSC
------Easter song. TLB
------Fountain. TC
(Hadley. ^ Fountain. TLB) Johnson. Indian cradle song. GS
------Massa dear. TLB
------What Robin told. BSS
(Knowlton. What Robin told. NS)

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