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Index to Kindergarten Songs
In the hedgerow safely shielded. See Froebel. Little nest.
(Adaptation: Nest. PS) *In the land of France. HC In the merry month of May. See Gaynor. Merry month of
May. LL In the merry month of May. See Marzials. 'Twas in the merry
month of May. CPP In the mill. Parlow. HMC1
Music only. In the mill. Reinecke. HMC1
Music only. In the mill. Schytte. HMC1
Music only. In the oakwood, deep and green. See Froebel. Wild boar. MP In the other gardens. See Stevenson. Autumn fires. EL—SF
For composers see Stevenson. Autumn fires.
In the pleasant August. See Knowlton. August. NS
*In the pleasant sunny meadows. Allen. WS
In the rain or in the sunshine. See Gaynor. Postman. SC2
In the rippling water. See Hill. Fishes at play. HS
In the sky of evening. See Reinecke. To the evening star. FC
In the smithy. Parlow. HMC1
Music only. *In the snowing and the blowing. Smith. SL1
(Cornell. March. StN) In the sombre fir-tree wood. See Froebel. Wolf. MP In the south sea lives a whale. See Neidlinger. Whale. SSS *In the spring. FS—HC
(Adapted from Sur le pont d'Avignon. BB)
(Variant: On the bridge of Avignon. JB—RCS) In the springtime. Conrade. GS
In the springtime bright and gay. See Hurd. Seasons. PTS In the sunny springtime. See Houseman. Awake, awake. HS In the sweet scented meadows. See With a hey-ding-ding. JB In the tall boughs on the tree-top. See Abt. Birdie's cradle. HR In the tree-top. Clarke. StN
(Knowlton. In the tree-top. NS) In the wintry woods. See Sloane. Ferns. HS In the wood. Damrosch. StN In thine eyes O mother darling. See Reinecke. My mother's
eyes. FC In winter I get up at night. See Stevenson. Bed in summer.
CGV—CM—FSK—LBS—SF—SS For composers see Stevenson. Bed in summer. In your tiny nest now lying. See Wiggin. Ball play. KC Inasmuch, inasmuch, inasmuch as ye have done it. See Wiggin.
Kindergartner's funeral hymn. KC

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