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Index to Kindergarten Songs                          113
In Dublin's fair city where girls are so pretty. See Cockles and
mussels. FS
(Molly Malone. LBS) In each tiny drop of water. See Neidlinger. Busy steam. ESI In einem kuehlen Grunde. See Glueck. Mill. FS In forest and in heather. See Hunter's song. RCS In Germany. Meissner. ASC In Greenland. Meissner. ASC In Holland. Meissner. ASC In Japan. Meissner. ASC In little Annie's garden grew all sorts of posies. See Smith.
Little Annie's garden. SM In March come the March winds. See Knowlton. March. NS In my basket here you'll find. See Hurd. Fruit basket. PTS In my downy bed. See Reinecke. Morning prayer. SL2 *In my hand a ball I hold. Macomber. WS In my heart they lightly sing. See Mendelssohn. Greeting. RCS In my little garden bed. See Roeske. Little plant. PFP *In native worth and honour clad. See Haydn. In native worth.
TLB In our still and mournful meadows. See Orpheus. TLB In port. Stevenson. SF
(Ramsay. In port. SF) In quaint old times and years of long ago. See Neidlinger.
Signs. ES2 In Scarlet town, where I was born. See Marzials. Barbara
Allen. CPP In Scotland. Meissner. ASC In September. Conrade. GS
In snowy, blowy March. See Riley. Mad tea party. LL In spring. PS
In the barnyard. Smith. SL2 In the Bethlehem stable. Smith. LCD In the Black Ball Line 'twas that I did serve my time. See
Sea shanties. NEB2 In the branches of a tree. WS
(Hubbard. In the branches of a tree. MSG) *In the branches of a tree. See Bird's nest. HS In the chill November. See Hill. Thanksgiving day. HS In the dusky twilight. See Moonlight song. EL In the early spring. See Cole. Scale song, no. 3. CM In the early springtime, when the violets grow. See Batchellor.
Daisy. WS In the frosty autumn. See Bingham. Thanksgiving song. BM In the grassy places. See Haydn. Lambkin. GS In the heaven earth reposes. See Goodnight. TLB In the hedge midst thorn and briar. See Nest. PS
(Adopted from Froebel. Little nest. MP)

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