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Index to Kindergarten Songs
I wake, I feel the day is here. See Clarke. Chanticleer. StN I went to visit a friend one day. See Song of home work. HS I will give you the keys of Heaven. See Keys of Heaven. LBS I will hold my right hand so. See- Gaynor. Rhythm game. SCI I wish I had room for my roots. See Smith. Little gardener.
LCD I wish I was in de land ob cotton. See Emmett. Dixie's land.
EFS—FS I wish, little playmates, you'd skip with me today. See Hill.
Skipping song. SHS I wish the winter would go. See Allen. Winter and summer.
StN I wished to pluck a pretty thing. See Bingham. Butterfly. BM I woke before the morning. See Stevenson. Good boy. SS
(Bartlett. Good boy. SS) I won't have none of your weevily wheat. See Weevily wheat.
OYA I would be a butterfly. See Sheehan. Butterfly and rosebud.
Ich ging im Walde. See Gefunden. BB
Ich weiss nicht was soil es bedeuten. See Silcher. Lurlei. RCS
(Silcher. Loreley. FS) "If." Cole, TC If a body meet a body. See Comin' thro' the rye. EFS
(Gin a body meet a body. FS) If a child be meek and mild. See Happy child. PS If a lad would be a soldier. See Kuecken. Little soldier. RCS *If all the world was apple pie. CL
(If all the world were paper. BB) *I-f all the world were paper. BB
(If all the world was apple pie. CL) If among the garden flowers. See Smith. Choosing a flower.
*If blue birds bloomed. Gilchrist. StN
If I could but visit the sunrise land. See Gaynor. Japanese. GS
If I may. KK
If I should beg politely, my pretty dear cuckoo. See Reinecke.
Child and the cuckoo. FC *If I were a fair one. JB *If I were a flower. Huss. TC If I were a little frog. See Gaynor. Frog. SC2 If I were a little sweet pea. See Conrade. Sweet pea. GS If little lads. See Solomon. Just like this. KC If on the street you chance to meet. See Gaynor. Street car.
SC2 If rosy sunsets never paled. Smith. LCD If the children try to please. See Imitating. PS If the trees knew how. See Cole. "If", TC

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