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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Hush, the waves are rolling in. See Hahn. Gaelic cradle song.
(Harris. Gaelic lullaby. TLB)
(Tufts. Old Gaelic lullaby. CL) Hush thee, my baby. See Macirone. Oh hush, thee, my baby.
FS Huss. Crossing the bar. TLB
------If I were a flower. TC
------Recessional. TLB
Hymn. Beethoven. HMC1
Hymn for a child. Knowlton. NS
Hymn for a little child. Smith. SL1
Hymn for a national holiday. Knowlton. NS
I am a blacksmith. See Gaynor. Labor day. GS
*I am a builder. Koehler. HR
I am a busy bee. Hubbard. MSG
I am a cooper and barrels I make. See Cooper. HR
I am a cooper, no care can I know\ See Walker. Cooper. WS
(Hubbard. Cooper. MSG) I am a honey bee buzzing away. See Hubbard. I am a busy bee.
MSG I am a little farmer boy. See Little farmer. HR I am a little gardener. See Hailmann. Ball play. KC
(Hailmann. Selling fruit. HR) I am a little New Year. See Jenks. Little New Year. WS I am a little worsted ball. See Elliott. Worsted ball. SL2 I am a sturdy farmer. See Fischer. Trades. HR I am a young musician. See Musician. HC I am making a fine cat's cradle. See Gaynor. Cat's cradle. SCI I am Mary, quite contrary. See Smeltzer. Mary contrary. SZ [ am only a little sparrow. See Conrade. Sparrow GS [ am Peter Piper. See Smeltzer. Peter Piper. SZ I am the jolly miller of Dee. See Smeltzer. Miller of Dee.
SZ I am the miller. See Gaynor. Song of the miller. LL *I am the wind. Bertini. HR
(Cornwell. Wind. EL)
(Hubbard. I am the wind. MSG)
(Sawyer. Wind. EL) I am Tommy Tittlemouse. See Smeltzer. Tommy Tittlemouse.
SZ I can see with eyes aslant. See Conrade. Crow calculations. GS *Td like to have a partner. L^SI
(Kuecken. Partners. HR) I found little footprints in the snow. See Neidlinger. Foot­prints. SSS I go to bed when wee chicks cheep. See Gaynor. Early bird.

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