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Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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106                         Index to Kindergarten Songs
Hurd. Ball game. PTS
------Ball game. (Color) EL
------Ball song (Spinning) EL
------Bird song (Color) EL
------Bird's nest. PTS
------Children on the tower. PTS
------Elm trees are yellow. EL
------Family. PTS
------Fruit basket. PTS
------Garden game. PTS
------Good-bye song. PTS
------Introduction song. PTS
------Kite. PTS
(Adapted from Froebel. Lengthwise, crosswise. MP)
(Variant: Hubbard. Target. PTS)
(Variant: Reed. Kite. TGS)
------Labor game. PTS
------Lullabye. PTS
------Nature game. PTS
——- Ring song. PTS
------Seasons. PTS
------Thanksgiving game. PTS
Hurdy gurdy. Reinecke. HCM1 Music only.
Hurrah for Bobby Bumble. See Smith. Brave. LCD Hurrah for Harry McGarry. See Harry McGarry. JB Hurrah for ivied towers. Sec Loomis. Uncrowned kings. TLB *Hurrah for the sleigh bells. Seward. EL
Hurrah, hurrah, for the kite we'll made. Sec Reed. Kite. TGS Hurrah, hurrah, swift as a star. See Tufts. Coasting. CL Hurrah, hurrah, we march along. See Neidlinger. Our flag. SSS
Hurry quick, the ice is thick. See Gaynor. Skating. SC2
Hurry to the corner, Dick. See Elliott. Street car. SL2
*Hush-a-by baby on the tree top. CBO—LBS
Hush-a-by, my little baby. See Hahn. Lullaby. BSS
Hush-a-by, sweet my own. Hawley. FSC
Hush-a-bye birdie. Hubbard. MSG
Hush, hush, my baby, to dreamland we go. See Brewster. Hush my baby. BSS
Hush, hush, the waves are rolling in. See Harris. Gaelic lul­laby. TLB
(Hahn. Gaelic cradle song. BSS) (Tufts. Old Gaelic lullaby. CL) '
Hush, little baby dear. See Reed. Lullaby. TGS
Hush, little one, and fold your hands. See Smith. Oh, little child. FSC
Hush, my baby. Brewster. BSS

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