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Index to Kindergarten Songs                          105
Hubbard. Wheelbarrow. MSG —— Wheelwright. MSG
(Froebel. Wheelwright. MP)
------While we sing. MSG
------Who taught the little bird? MSG
(Schlager. Who taught the bird? HR)
------Winter rose. MSG
------Zish, zish, zish. MSG
(Froebel. Joiner. MP)
(Joiner. PS)
(Seidel. Joiner. HR) Hum, hum, hum, humble bee. See Reinecke. To the humble
bee. FC Hum, hum, hum, look the bees have come. See Bees' return. PS Humble bee. Neidlinger. TLB
Humble bee. See Reinecke. To the humble bee. FC Humming bird. Cole. CM *Humming bird. Tufts. CL Humming, humming, cheerily. See Terhune. Spinning carol.
CC Humming, humming, hear the sweet sound. See Cole. Hum­ming bird. CM Humperdink. Hansel and Gretel dance. HC Humpty Dumpty. Elliott. MG Humpty Dumpty. Smeltzer. SZ Humpty Dumpty is my name. See Smeltzer. Humpty Dumpty.
SZ Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. See Elliott. Humpty Dumpty.
MG Hungry beasts and birds may eat. See Smith. Thanks for food,
I. LCD Hungry spider made a web. See Wiggin. Spider and the flies.
KC *Hunt is up. Gray. FS Hunt the slipper. HC Hunter and the hare. RCS Hunter in his career. Marzials. CPP Hunter's song. RCS Hunter's song. Weber. RCS Hunting. BG—USI
(A-hunting we will go. JB)
Hunting song. Schumann. HMC1
Music only. Hunting the hare. Purcell. RCS Hunting we will go. See A-hunting we will go. JB
(Hunting. BG—USI) Hurd. All gone. PTS
(Bullard. All gone. SM)

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