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Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Hubbard. Song of the blacksmith. MSG
(Parker. Blacksmith. WS)
------Spring. MSG
------Stream. MSG
------Suppose. MSG
------Suppose a little cowslip. MSG
------Swallow. MSG
(Conrade. Tradespeople. GS) ------Sweetly the birds are singing. MSG
(Damrosch. Easter carol. StN)
(Fairlamb. Easter carol. StN) ------Swing, cradle, swing. MSG
(Pollock. Sailor boy. HR) ------Target. MSG
(Froebel. Lengthwise, crosswise. MP)
(Variant: Hurd. Kite. PTS)
(Variant: Reed. Kite. TGS) ------Tasting. MSG
(Wiggin. Tasting. KC) ------Thanksgiving day. MSG
(Conrade. Thanksgiving day. GS)
(Morton. Thanksgiving song. WS)
(Sleigh-ride. HR) ------There is a brooklet. MSG
(Hubbard. Nearer to Heaven we'll be. MSG)
------This is the mother good and dear. MSG
-----Thumbkin says "I'll dance." MSG
(Walker. Thumbkin says "I'll dance." WS)
(Adaptation; Smith. Thumbkin says "I'll dance." SLJ) ------Thumbs and fingers say "Good morning." MSG
(Froebel. Finger songs. MP) ------Tick, tack. MSG
(Froebel. Tick, tack. MP)
------To and fro. MSG
——To and fro the ball. MSG ------Touching. MSG
(Wiggin. Touching. KC)
------Two hands. MSG
------Wake, says the sunshine. MSG
-----Washington's birthday. MSG
------Waves on the seashore. MSG
------We welcome you, dear friends. MSG
------We'll join our hands. MSG
------What a bird taught. MSG
------What do birdies dream. MSG
------What's this? MSG
(Froebel. Finger play. KC)
(Froebel. This little thumb. MP)

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