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Index to Kindergarten Songs
How doth the little busy bee. See Cole. Lesson from the bee. CM
(Tufts. Busy bee. CL) *How d'ye do, sir? NEB2
*How gentle God's commands. Naegeli. TLB How great is our pleasure. See Oh, how great is our pleasure.
HR How he runs. See Gaynor. Ferret. LL How hot, no cooling breeze. See Thunderstorm. HR How I learned to sew. Bingham. BM How it blows and storms and pours. See Koehler. Storm.
HR How it looks in the mill. Reinecke. FC . How Johnnie and Polly shake the apples. Reinecke. FC *How many miles to Babylon? Gaynor. LL
(Variant: How many miles to Banbury? JB) *How many miles to Banbury? JB
(Variant: Gaynor. How many miles to Babylon? LL) *How oats and beans and barley grow. JB
(Oats, peas, beans. BGHC) How pleasant the life of a bird must be. See Tufts. Birds in
summer. CL *How should I your true love know? Marzials. CPP *How sweetly the lark is trilling on high. JB How the little limbs fly out. See Froebel. Play with the
limbs. MP How strange to make a'thing to float. See Neidlinger. About
boats. ES2 How the baby was named. Cole. CM I How the corn grew. Roeske. PFP How the wind blows. Wills. EL *How we love our kindergarten. Andreae. HR How well upon one point I stand. See Hubbard. Cube. MSG Howe. Battle hymn of the republic. EFSFS
------Child's American hymn. TC
Howitt. Buttercups and daisies. CLGSMSG *Hub a dub dub. Smeltzer. SZ Hubbard. All gone. MSG
(Froebel. All's gone. MP)
------Apples ripe. MSG
------Away among the blossoms. MSG
(Away among blossoms. EL)
------Ball. MSG
------Ball is sinking. MSG
------Barnyard. MSG
(Froebel. Barnyard gate. MP)
------Basket of flowers. MSG
------Bees. MSG
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