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Hopp, hopp, hopp, Pferdchen laug' Glopp. See Hop, hop, hop.
LBSRCS Hopping. Hailmann. HR Hopping and flying together. Hubbard. MSG
(Birds. PS)
Hopping birds. WS Hopping birds. Hubbard. MSG (Birds. PS)
Hops in the nest. HR Hornpipe. Page. HMC2
Music only. Hornpipe (Danish.) FDM
Music only.
Horse. Neidlinger. ES2
Horse-shoeing. Mozart. HR
Horses trotting. Montz. IMS
Hot cross buns, hot cross buns. BB
Hot irons. See Chapek, Ironing song. HS
Houghton. Good night and good morning. CM
------March. NS
Hour was sad I left the maid. See Girl I left behind me. EFS Hours have sped on golden wings. See Gaynor. Good bye. SC2
House. Lark. TC House of the tit-tat-toe. Gaynor. LL Household hints. Gaynor. LL Housekeeping. NG
(Variant: Polly put the kettle on. BBOYA) Houseman. Awake, awake. HS How are the children awakened. See Hill Awakening Song.
SHS How are Thy servants blessed. See Psalter. These see His
wonders in the deep. TLB How beautiful, how joyous, our circle large and wide. See
Smith. Transformation game. SM *How can I leave thee? Kuecken. EFSFS How delightful 'tis to see. See Pleasant light. PS How do robins build their nests? See Johnson. What Robin
told. BSS
(Knowlton. What Robin told. NS)
How do you do? Funkhouser. FSK
How do you do, Mister Sunshine? Funkhouser. FSK
How do you like to go up in a swing? See Stevenson. Swing.
For composers see Stevenson. Swing. How does my lady's garden grow? See My lady's garden.

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