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Singing Games and Folk Songs

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Index to Kindergarten Songs                           93
*Here we come, Looby Loo. JB
(Looby light. BB)
(Looby Loo. BGHCNEB1)
(Looby Looby. LBS) *Here we come up the green grass. NEB1
(Variant: Green grass. HC) Here we dance Looby Loo. See Looby Loo. BGHCNEB1
(Here we come, Looby Loo. JB)
(Looby light. BB)
(Looby Looby. LBS) Here we go. HR
Here we go around this ring. See Marriage. NG Here we go in the garden swing. See Conrade. Swinging. GS Here we go o'er the snow. See Sawyer. Coasting song. WS Here we go over the green grass. See Green grass. HC
(Variant: Here we come up the green grass. NEB1) Here we go round and round. See Gaynor. Round game. LL Heie we go round our gay juniper tree. See Little washerwoman.
KK .
(As we go round the mulberry bush. NG)
(Going round the mulberry bush. HR)
'Here we go round the mulberry bush. HC)
(Mulberry bush. BGCBOFSJBLBS) ' Here we go round the mulberry bush. HC
(As we go round the mulberry bush. NG)
(Going round the mulberry bush. HR)
(Little washerwoman. KK)
(Mulberry bush. BGCBOFSJBLBS) Here we go, steady and slow. See Hubbard. Skating song. MSG Here we stand hand in hand. See Playtime. RCS Hering. Little pony. HR Herman bosses. FDM
Music only Herrick. Bellman. TLB Herron. Oh, ring glad bells. WS Hey, big taumbs up. See Hey, thumbs up. KK *Hey, diddie, diddle. Bartlett. StN
(Elliott Hey, diddle, diddle. MG)
(Gaynor. Hey, diddle, diddle. LL) Hey,hammer' ho, hammer! See Smith. Carpenter. SL1 Hey ho, my tonny lad. See Bacon. Before the mowing. EL Hey, little brownies, come and frolic. See Brownie polska. KK Hey, master rider, your mare no farther ride her. See Berry.
Rider. KC
Hey the rabbit' See Froebel. Shadow rabbit. SM
Hey, thumbs up, KK
*Hickory, dickory, dock. Funkhouser. FSK
(Dickory dock. CBO)
(Elliott. Dicjcory, dickory dock. MG)

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