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Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
*Here come three dukes a-riding. NEB1 (Three dukes a-riding. OYA) (Variant: Here comes one duke a-riding. JB) (Variant: Here comes one soldier marching. HC)
Here come two creatures, now who can they be? Funkhouser. FSK *Here comes an old man from Hull. JB *Here comes an old woman from Switzerland. JB (Variant: Three dukes a-riding. OYA) (Variant: Here comes one duke a-riding. JB)
Here comes Simon of Salle. See Simon of Salle. KK Here comes the cable-car. See Valentine. Conductor. VBD Here comes the flower wagon. See Valentine. Flower wagon. VBD Here comes the merry baker. See Taubert. Trade-game. KC Here comes the sandman stepping so lightly. See Finch. Sand­man. HS
Here comes the wind. See Root. Wind song. SV
Here I am and how do you do? See Cole. Month of May. CM
Here I step within the ring. See By streamlet and leafy dale. KK
Here in my open hand. See Ball song. KC
Here is a pretty ball. See Ball songs. No. 9. PS
Here is a pretty cradle nest. See Winslow. Cradle nest. HS
Here is a snowflake, dainty and white. See Sawyer. Snowflake.
EL Here is Miss Pussy. See Tufts. My pussy. CL Here is my trooper. See My trooper. FS
(My knight is a rider. RCS) Here is one in a purple hat. See Thaxter. My pansies. EL Here is the beehive, where are the bees. See Roeske. Counting
lesson. PFP Here lies within this tomb so calm. See Webbe. Epitaph on a
parish clerk. TLB
Here now we meet again. See Wiggin. Morning hymn. KC Here's a ball for baby. See Roeske. All for baby. PFP Here's a little birdie's nest. See Hurd. Bird's nest. PTS Here's a little kitty. See Smith. Soft and hard balls. SL2 Here's a pretty cradle nest. See Gilchrist. Bird's nest. SM Here's another song. See Neidlinger. Sea song. ESI Here's Grandpapa. See Froebel. Family. SM Here's the old man of Tobago. See Smeltzer. Old man of Tobago.
SZ Here stand we all united. See Reinecke. Hiding game. SM Here we are the same old friends. See Hubbard. Scissors grinder.
Here we come, bunnies in the sun. See Bunny's accident. JB Here we come gath'ring nuts in May. See Nuts in May. BG—JB
(Knots of May. NG)

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