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Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
*Here comes one duke a-riding. JB
(Variant: Three dukes a-riding. OYA)
(Variant: Here come three dukes a-riding. NEB1)
(Variant: Here comes one soldier marching. HC) *Here comes one Jew. JB *Here comes one soldier marching. HC
(Variant: Here come three dukes a-riding. NEB1)
------God made the sun. HR
------Merrily, merrily. HR
------Spring flowers. HR
------Spring joy. HR
------Trees. HR—KC—SM
------Windmill. KC
(Seidel. Windmill. HR) Heiden-Roeslein. Goethe. BSS—FS—RCS
For composers see Goethe. Heiden-Roeslein Heigh-ho, daisies and buttercups. See Frazer. Flowers. BSS Heigh ho, heigh ho, how the winds blow. See Gaynor. Autumn.
SC2 Heine. Greeting. FS ------Loreley. FS—RCS
(Silcher. Loreley. FS)
(Silcher. Lurlei. RCS) ------Two grenadiers. TLB
Heins. Dance of the bears. HMC2
Music only Heise. Little Karen. EFS
Hello, Central. See Gaynor. Telephone. SC2 Hello! said Father Winter. See Neidlinger. Cycle of the year.
ESI Help, neighbors, help. See Strong. Baby's bread. HS Hen and chickens. Roeske. PFP Henderson. Golden slumbers kiss your eyes. StN
(Foote. Lullaby. TLB)
(Golden slumbers kiss your eyes. RCS)
Henry. Fair Gabrielle. FS
Henschel. Oak and the streamlet. TC
Her kirtle has a rosy sheen. Dietrich. TC
Her lovers. Bridge. TC
Herald of freedom, for childhood's sweet sake. See Froebel hymn.
KC Here am I. See Elliott. Little jumping Joan. MG Here and there, everywhere. See Smith. Dandelion fashions. SL2 Here are the little leaves that grow. See Sherwood. Leaves,
flowers and fruits. HS Here come riding the knights so gay. See Smith. Knights and
the bad child. SM Here come the sounding buglers. See We are sounding buglers. JB

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