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Index to Kindergarten Songs                           89
arvest hymn. Carey. BSS
arvest is in; the cellar and bin. See Sherwood. Thanksgiving for harvest. HS
arvest of the squirrel and honey-bee. Gaynor. SCI
arvest song. Smith. SL2 Harvester's dance (English.) FDM
Music only. Haschka. Austrian national hymn. FS *Haste thee, nymph. Arnold. TLB *Hasten to the meadow, Peter. Hubbard. MSG
(Froebel. Grass mowing. MP) Hatton. God be with us. TLB
------Good news on Christmas morning. StN
------Good night. StN
------Indian maid. TLB
Hausegesinde. BB
(Widdy-Widdy-Wurky. LBS)
(Wide-wide-wenne. RCS) *Have you heard the news? FS
Have you lost your old mother? See Gaynor., Baby moon. SV Have you seen but a bright lily grow See Cauffman. Love song.
TLB *Have you seen the beggar-man? JB *Have you seen the mocking bird? JB Have vou seen the muffin man? See Muffin man. BGHCJB
USI Have you seen the Shah? See Hunting. BGUSI
(A-hunting we will go. JB) *Have you seen the soldier? HC Have you seen the swimming school? See Gaynor. Froggie's
swimming school. SCI Hawley. Hushaby, sweet my own. FSC ------Singing. SS
For other composers see Stevenson. Singing. Hay and straw are in the stack. See Gaynor. Thankgiving. LL "Hay foot, straw foot" march, boys. See Terhune. Train-band.
CC Hayden. Visiting game. HC Haydn. Austrian hymn. TLB
------Austrian national hymn. FS
------Carpenter theme. HMC1
Music only.
------Child's May song. HR
------Christmas song. HR
------Daisy. HR
------Glorious things of Thee are spoken. TLB
------Hide and seek. SM
------High and low. HR

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