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84                           I ndex to Kindergarten Songs
Graves. My love's an arbutus. EFS—FS
Gray. Hunt is up. FS
Great big steeple clocks say. See Koehler. Clocks and watches.
HR Great God in Heaven. See Reinicke. Morning prayer. FC Great Hamburger. FDM
Music only. Great round sun is gone. See Smith. Evening prayer. LCD Great, wide, beautiful, wonderful world. See Roeske. World.
(Hubbard. Child's world. MSG) Green grass. HC
(Variant: Here we come up the green grass. NEB1) *Green gravel, green gravel. LBS—NG—USI Green-grocer. Valentine. VBD *Green grow the leaves. JB
Green holly boughs bring. See Smith. Christmas carol. SL2 Green leafy tree. Smith. LCD Green leaves grew all around. JB
(There was a tree stood in the ground. NG) Greeting. Froebel. SM Greeting. Mendelssohn. FS Greeting. Mendelssohn. RCS
Greeting, O peaceful one, greeting. See Farwell. Song of greet­ing. TLB Greeting song. Smith. KC Greeting to all, both great and small. See Wiggin. Morning
greeting. KC Greeting to spring. Gade. RCS
(Kies. Greeting to spring. MSL) Greeting to spring. Sawyer. EL Greeting to the sun. Gaynor. SCI
Greeting to you, children dear. See Gaynor. Morning greet­ing. SCI Greetings we offer thee. See Reinecke. Birthday song. SL2 Gregory. Rainbow children. EL Gretchen lies in her gloomy bed. See Sinding. Mother sings.
EFS Grieg. Album leaf. HMC2
Music only. ------Dance of the frost elves. HMC1
Music only.
------Farmyard song. FS
------First primrose. FS
------Morning mood. HMC1
Music only. Grinding wheat. Froebel. HR Grove. Bedtime. HS ------Bird-band. HS

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