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Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Going to London. Foote. StN
Going to market. Winslow. HS
Going to school. Cole. CM
Going to sleep. Mozart. HR
Going to sleep. Smith. LCD
Going to sleepy land. See Brewster. Cradle song. BSS
Going to the fair. Gilchrist. StN
Gold and crimson tulips. See Gaynor. Tulips. SCI
Golden grain was gathered. See Gaynor. First Thanksgiving day.
(Knowlton. September. NS)
(McLellan. September. EL)
Golden rule. Hubbard. MSG
Golden rule. Tufts. CL
*Golden slumbers kiss your eyes. RCS
(Foote. Lullaby. TLB)
(Henderson. Golden slumbers kiss your eyes. StN) Goldenrod is vellow. See Conrade. September. GS Goldfish. Valentine. VBD *Gone from me evermore. EFS Gone, gone, my child, all gone. See Froebel. All's gone. MP
(Hubbard. All gone. MSG) Gone is winter's storm and rain. See Wolf and the lamb. JB Gone, my child, all gone. See Smith. All gone, baby. SL1 Good advice. Sherwood. HS Good and bad children. Stevenson. SF
(Ramsay. Good and bad children. SF) Good boy. Stevenson. SS
(Bartlett. Good boy. SS) Good-bye. HR Good-bye. Gaynor. LL Good-bye. Gaynor. SCI Good-bye. Gaynor. SC2 Good-bye. Hitte. DM
Good-bye, daisy, pinks and rose. See Mendelssohn. Child's good­bye. HR
(Sawyer. Good-bye to the flowers. WS)
Good-bye, dear friends. See Gaynor. Good-bye II. SCI
Good-bye, fare you well. NEB2
Good-bye! good-bye! See Good-bye song. SL2
Good-bye, good-bye, God speed you well. See Gaynor. Good-bye.
LL Good-bye, good-bye to summer. See Kuecken. Robin Redbreast.
HR Good-bye, little birdie. See Tufts. Nell and her bird. CL Good-bye, little children. See Conrade. Frog's good-bye. GS Good-bye, mamma. See Reinecke. Sleighing song. SL2 Good-bye song. Hurd. PTS

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