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Index to Kindergarten Songs
German hopping dance. HMC2 Music only.
Germer. Choral. HMC1 Gersbach. Barbarossa. RCS
Gertrude's birthday now is here. See Gaynor. Birthday greet­ing. SCI
Gestern Abend ging ich aus. See Hunter and the hare. RCS Geza. Csardas. HMC2 Music only.
Giants. Gaynor. SCI
Giardini. Come, thou almighty King. TLB Gibbons. Silver swan RCS Giffe. Lullaby. BSS Giga. Corelli. HMC2 Gigue bretonne. Bachmann. HMC2 Music only.
Gilchrist. Beckoning the chickens. SM
------Bird thoughts. SM
------Carpenter. SM
------Child and mother. FSC
------Dolphin lullaby. TLB
------Evening concert. HMC1
Music only.
------Family. SM
------Flying bird. SM
------Garden gate. SM
------Going to the fair. StN
------Good night. StN
------Home they brought her warrior dead. TLB
------If blue birds bloomed. StN
------Kitty cat. StN
(Kitty cat and the mouse. RCS)
(Walker. Kitty cat and the mouse. WS) ------Land of Nod. SS
(Fisher. Land of Nod. CGV) ------Little John Bottlejohn. StN
(Bristow. Little John Bottlejohn. StN)
(Stanley. Little John Bottlejohn. StN)
------Little plant. SM
------Little travelers. HS
------Little window. SM
------Midsummer frolics. StN
------My bed is a boat. SS
For other composers see Stevenson, My bed is a boat.
------Oh, look at the moon. SM
------Piper. TLB
------Prayers of love. TLB

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