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72                           Index to Kindergarten Songs
Gaynor. Dictation exercises with the blocks. SCI
------Drop the handkerchief. SCI
------Duckling. LL
------Early bird. LL
------Easter. GS
------Easter song. SCI
------Electric light. SC2
------Eskimo. GS
------Evening. SC2
------Farewell to the birds. SCI
------Farmer. LL
------Farmer in the dell. LL
(Variant: Farmer in the dell. BGHCNGUSI)
(Variant: Farmer's in his den. JB)
------Feather game. SC2
------Ferret. LL
(Ferret of the woods. RCS)
------Finger family. SCI
------Fingers' lullaby. SCI
------First Thanksgiving day. SC2
------Fishes. SCI
------Five knights. SCI
------Flagman. SC2
------Flower day. GS
------Flowers' ball. LL
------Fly. SCI
------Fly away. LL
------Foreign tongues. SC2
------Fountain. SCI
------Fox went out in a hungry plight. LL
------Froebel. GS
------Frog. SC2
------Frog and horse. SCI
------Froggies' swimming school. SCI
------Game of the golden band. LL
------Giants. SCI
------Good bye. LL
------Good bye, no's. 1 and 2 SCI
------Good bye. SC2
------Good morning. LL
------Good morning. SC2
------Grandma's knitting song. SCI
------Greeting to the sun. SCI
------Growing. GS
------Guessing game. SCI
------Happy lambkins. SCI
------Harvest of the squirrel and honey bee. SCI
------He was a shepherd lad. LL

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