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Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Funiculi, funicula. Denza. FS
(Denza. Merry life. TLB)
(Denza. Sailing o'er a summer sea. EFS) Words not like FS Funkhouser. All aboard. FSK
------Brownies' dance. FSK
—— Christmas bells. FSK
------Drummer boys. FSK
------Fireman. FSK
—Hickory, dickory dock. FSK
(Dickory dock. CBO)
(Elliott. Dickory, dickory dock. MG) ------In winter I get up at night. FSK
For other composers see Stevenson. Bed in summer.
------Indian song. FSK
——- Japanese song. FSK
------Jack o' lantern. FSK
------Mister Sunshine. FSK
------Mother Nature and Mr. Wind. FSK
------Prayer. FSK
------ Robin's nest. FSK
------Shoo fly. FSK
——-Sidewalk song. FSK
------Some day you'll be a man. FSK
------Tom, Tom, the piper's son. FSK
------ Waltz. FSK
Furry old fellow. See Neidlinger. Caterpillar. SSS Fuzzy little caterpillar. See Roeske. Caterpillar. PFP
Gade. Child Jesus. RCS
(Kies. Child Jesus. MSL) ------Greeting to spring. RCS
(Kies. Greeting to spring. MSL) Gaelic cradle song. Hahn. BSS
(Tufts. Old Gaelic lullaby. CL)
(Harris. Gaelic lullaby. TLB) Gaelic lullaby. Harris. TLB
(Hahn. Gaelic cradle song. BSS)
(Tufts. Old Gaelic lullaby^ CL) Gaily through the window shining. See Birge. Morning sun­shine. HS Gallop. Hiller. HMC2 Galloping fast and galloping free. See Smith. Knights and the
good child. SM Galloping, galloping, glad and gay. See Gaynor. Five knights.
SCI Galloping horses. Hitte. DM Galloway. Church bells. MSL ------Giving thanks. MSL

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