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Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Froebel. Child and the moon. MP ------Children at the tower. MP
(Variant: Froebel. Children on the tower. SL1) ------Children on the tower. SL1
(Variant: Froebel. Children at the tower. MP)
------Children's supper. SL2
------ Church. SL2
(Variant: Froebel. Church window and church door. MP)
(Hubbard. Church bell. MSG) ------Church window and church door. MP
(Variant: Froebel. Church. SL2)
(Hubbard. Church bell. MSG)
------Clock game. KC
------Conclusion. MP
------Cooper. HR
— Cuckoo. MP
------Dove cote. SL1
------End to end. HR
------Falling, falling. MP
(Adaptation: Bullard. Falling! Falling! SM)
------Family. HR
-------Family. SM
------Farmer. SM
(Can you show me how the farmer? JB)
(Farmer. LBS)
(Farmer. PS)
(Farmer and the housewife. KK)
(Koehler. Farmer. HR)
(Shall I show you how the farmer? RCS)
------Farmyard. SM
------Finger piano. SL1
------Finger play. KC
(Froebel. This little thumb. MP)
(Hubbard. What's this? MSG) ------Finger song. MP
(Hubbard. Thumbs and fingers say "Good morning."
(Adaptation: Smith. Thumbs and fingers say "Good morn­ing." SL1—SM)
------Fishes in the brook. MP
------Five riders and good child. SL1
------Flower song. SM
------Go to sleep, Thumbkin. SL1—SM
—«—Going to sleep. HR
------Grandmamma. MP
------Grass mowing. MP
(Hubbard. Hasten to the meadow, Peter. MSG) ------' Greeting. SM

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