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Index to Kindergarten Songs                           61
Flower basket. Kohl. SM Flower basket. Smith. SM
(Froebel. Basket. MP) Flower bed. Smith. SL1 Flower day. Gaynor. GS Flower fairies. Foerster. HMC1
Music only. Flower game. Wiggin. KC Flower garden. Smith. LCD Flower song. Froebel. SM Flower song. Hitte. DM Flower song. Reinecke. SM Flower wagon. Valentine. VBD Flowerets all sleep soundly. See Brahms. Little dust man. EFS
(Brahms. Lullaby. SHS) Flowers. Frazer. BSS Flowers' ball. Gaynor. LL Flow'rs for sleep are sighing. See Hadley. While you sleep.
TLB Flow'rs for the men who lost. See Conrade. Blue and the gray
together. GS Flowers' lullaby SHS Flowers of the forest. FS Flowers unfolding. See Montz. Seeds. IMS Flowers, wild-wood flowers, in a sheltered dell they grew. See
Sweet wildwood flowers. HR Fluttering and waving. See Chapek. Sprinkling the clothes.
HS Fly, Cocchi. RCS Fly, Gaynor. SCI Fly, and the humble-bee. BB
Fly away, fly away. See Chapek. Birds in autumn. HS Fly away, fly away, birdie. See Marzo. Baby Bo. StN *Fly away, fly away, little brown things. Gaynor. LL Fly, little bird, in the golden sun. See Gilchrist. Flying bird.
SM Fly, little birdies, fly in the sunlight. See Hill. Flying song.
SHS *Fly, little birds, fly east and west. Cornwell. WS—HS *Fly, little birds, fly 'round the ring. WS
(Hubbard. Flying birds. MSG)
(Smith. Fly, little birds. SL2) Flying bird. Gilchrist. SM
Flying birds. Hubbard. MSG
(Cornwell. Fly, little birds. WS) (Smith. Fly, little birds. SL2) Flying kites. Knowlton. HMC2
Music only.

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