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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Finger play. Froebel. KC
(Froebel. This little thumb. MP)
(Hubbard. What's this. MSG) Finger plays, PS
(No. 19 a variant of Froebel. Numbering the fingers. SM) Finger song. Froebel. MP
(Hubbard. Thumbs and fingers say "Good morning." MSG) Finger song. Smith. SL2 Fingers' lullaby. Gaynor. SCI Fingers tripping up and down. See Hailmann. Stanzas for finger
piano. HR *Fir and the pine. RCS
(Fir tree. FS) Fir tree. FS
(Fir and the pine. RCS)
*Fir tree grew in the forest old. Burnett. HS
*Fire is burning, it burns so bright. KK
Firebells. Montz. IMS
Firefly, firefly, bright little thing. See Conrade. Firefly song. GS
Firefly song. Conrade. GS
Fireman. Funkhouser. FSK
Fireman. Valentine. VBD
First Christmas. Morton. HS—WS
(Reinecke. First Christmas. GS) First Christmas. Sawyer. ' EL First Christmas song. Hill. HS First dance. Gurlitt. HMC2
Music only. * First flag. Atkinson. GS First flying lesson. Neidlinger. SSS First gift exercises. Reed. TGS First morning in March in the year thirty-three. See Foxhunt.
FS *First Nowell. FS
First of May. BFD
(Today is the first of May. KK) First primrose. Grieg. FS First ring song. Hill. SHS First snowflakes. Foerster. HMC1
Music only. First Thanksgiving day. Gaynor. SC2 First to one friend. See Froebel. Wandering song. SM First with shovel and a drill. See Neidlinger, Miner. ESI First your iron hot must be. See Smith. Ironing day. SL2.
(Warren. Ironing song. StN) Fischer. Bees. HR
------Busy hands and fingers. HR
------Cat on the tree. HR

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