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Index to Kindergarten Songs
*Ferret's here, he is there. LBS
Fesca. When the earth wakes up in gladness. SL1
Feste Burg ist unser Gott. See Luther. Em' feste Burg. TLB
(Luther. Mighty fortress. EFS)
(Luther. Safe stronghold. FS) Festive march. HR Fiddle-de-dee. DeKoven. FSC Fiddle-de-dee, fiddle-de-dee, the fly has married the humble-bee.
See Fly and the humble-bee. BB *Fiddler he had but one onliest cow. KK Fido and his master. HR Field. Armenian lullaby. FSC
'------Brook. FSC
------Child and mother. FSC
------Dinkey-bird. FSC
------Doll's wooing. FSC
------Dutch lullaby. FSC
------Easter carol. EL
------Fiddle-dee-dee. FSC
------Hushaby, sweet my own. FSC
------Japanese lullaby. FSC
------Kissing time. FSC
------Little Boy Blue. FSC
------Little Mistress Sans-Merci. FSC
------Little-oh-dear. FSC
------Little peach. FSC
-----Nightfall in Dordrecht. FSC
------Norse lullaby. FSC
------Oh, little child. FSC
------Orkney lullaby. FSC
------Rock-a-by lady. FSC
------Swing high and swing low. FSC
------Why do bells for Christmas ring? BM—SV
(Bingham., Why do bells for Christmas ring? BM)
(Root. Christmas song. SV)
Field daisy. Reinecke. FC
Field is brown and bare. See Neidlinger. Plowman. ES
Field mouse. Mokrejs. HMC
Music only. Fields are white to harvest. See Kies. Reaper. MSL Figure of eight. NEB2 Final triumph. Martin. MSL Finch. Sandman. HS Finding the place. Smith. SL2
Fine frosted cake. See Smith. Three years old. LCD Finger family. Gaynor. SCI Finger piano. Reinecke. SM Finger piano. Smith. SL1

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