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56                           Index to Kindergarten Songs
Farmyard song. Grieg. FS
Farwell. Build thee more stately mansions. TLB
------Song of greeting. TLB
*Fast fly the hours. Naegeli. RCS
Father and mother's care. Naegeli. SHS
Father, father dear, I pray, Take your hat and cane to-day. See
Froebel. Toyman and boy. MP Father, from a distant land thy host hath come. See Evening
hymn of the crusaders. TLB Father Guillori. RCS
(Petit chasseur. BB) Father, help each little child. See Mozart. Morning hymn. HR Father, I cry to Thee. See Himmel. Prayer. TLB Father in Heaven. See Wiggin. Morning prayer, no. 2. KC Father in Heaven above, We Thank Thee. See Sheehan. Spring
morning prayer. OSM Father in Heaven, Thy children hear. See Largo. TLB
Father of all in Heav'n above. See Hill. Thanks for daily bless­ings. SHS Father O'Flynn. FS
Father, thou who carest. See Hill. God's care of all things.
SHS Father, we thank Thee for the light. See Hill. Thanks for con­stant care. SHS Father, we thank Thee for the night. See Batchellor. Morning
hymn. WS
(Hamburg. Morning hymn. HR)
(Wiggin. Morning prayer. KC) Fear us not, whate'er we're doing. See Reinecke. To the humble
bee. FC Feast of lanterns. Elliott. MG Feather game. Gaynor. SC2 February. Knowlton. NS February. Marston. EL Feder Mjkkel. FDM
Music only. Feeding chickens. Knowlton. NS Feeding chickens. Montz. IMS Feeding the pigeons. PS
Feel you the raindrops. See Taubert. Birds in the nest. RCS Ferns. Cornwall. EL Ferns. Sloane. HS Ferret. Gaynor. LL
(Ferret of the woods. RCS) Ferret of the woods. RCS
(Gaynor. Ferret. LL) Ferrett runs to the woods. See Ferret of the woods. RCS
(Gaynor. Ferret. LL)

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