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Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Family. Parker. SM
(Gilchrist. Family. SM) Family. Walker. WS Family drum corps. Knowlton. NS
Music only. HMC2 Family finger play. Wiggin. KC Faning. Boat song. TC
(Weidig. Boat song. TC) Far down in the valley. See Smith. Alice's supper. SL1 Far, far away in Bethlehem town. See Terhune. Christmas carol.
CC Far, far to the southward. See Good morning, canary. HS *Far out at sea. Cole. TC
Far over western hills. See Gaynor. Evening. SC2 Farewell. Hill. SHS Farewell to the birds. Gaynor. SCI Farewell to the farm. Stevenson. SS
(Chadwick. Farewell to the farm. SS) *Farewell, work. Koehler. HR Farmer. LBS
(Can you show me how the farmer? JB)
(Farmer. PS)
(Farmer and the housewife. KK)
(Froebel. Farmer. SM)
(Koehler. Farmer. HR)
(Shall I show you how the farmer? RCS) Farmer. Gaynor. LL Farmer. Hubbard. MSG Farmer. Reinecke. SL2 Farmer. Smeltzer. SZ Farmer and the doves. Taubert. RCS Farmer and the housewife. KK
(Can you show me how the farmer? JB)
(Farmer. LBS)
(Farmer. PS)
(Froebel. Farmer. SM)
(Koehler. Farmer. HR)
(Shall I show you how the farmer? RCS) Farmer and the miller. See Roeske. Making bread. PFP Farmer has a dove-cot. See Taubert. Farmer and the doves.
RCS Farmer he lived in the West Countree. See Barkshire tragedy.
NEB1 *Farmer in the dell. BGHCLLNGUS1
(Farmer's in his den. JB) *Farmer's in his den. JB
(Farmer in the dell. BGHCLLNGUS1) Farmyard. Froebel. SM

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