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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Dunning. Five little white mice. HR
Dusky maid with ebon hair. See Hatton. Indian maid. TLB
Dutch lullaby. De Koven. FSC
D'ye ken John Peel with his coat so gay. See John Peel. FS
Dykes. Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty! TLB
------"I heard the voice of Jesus say. TLB
------Lead, kindly light. TLB
Each child has found a pleasant place. See Running a race. PS
Each mother loves best. Hill. SHS
Early bird. Gaynor. LL
*Early one morning. Marzials. CPP
Earth and the clouds. Kuhlan. HR
Earth's winter dress. Hill. SHS
East wind brings the merry snow. See Smith. Snowball song.
SL2 Easter. Gaynor. GS Easter. Hadley. TLB Easter. Hubbard. MSG Easter carol. Fairlamb. StN
(Damrosch. Easter carol. StN)
(Hubbard. Sweetly the birds are singing. MSG) Easter carol. Sawyer. EL
Easter day was a holiday. See Maitland. Little Sir William.
NEB1 Easter hymn. Batchellor. WS
(Story. Easter hymn. WS) Easter morning. Chapek. HS Easter morning. Martin. MSL Easter song. Gaynor. SL1 Easter song. Johns. TLB Easter song. Rich. HS Easter song. Smith. SL1
Echo, echo, are you near? See Smith. Echo play. LCD Echo play. Smith. LCD Ecossaise. See Danse de Strasbourg. FDM
Music only Ei, ei^Herr Reiter. See Sir rider, ho, ho! RCS Ei Veilchen. See Reinecke. Violet. RCS *Eia popeia. Taubert. RCS Eiapopeia! Was raschelt im Stroh? See Taubert. Doll's cradle
song. RCS
Eiapopeia! What rustles the hay. See Taubert. Doll's cradle
song. RCS Eight wThite sheep. Walker. WS
Ein' feste Burg. Luther. TLB
(Luther. Mighty fortress. EFS)
(Luther. Safe stronghold. FS) Electric light. Gaynor. SC2

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