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48                           Index to Kindergarten Songs
Down thro' the waves of soft spring air. See Root. Sunshine
song. SV Dragonfly in the sunshine. Reinecke. HMC1
Music only. Draper. There's a song in the air. EL Draw a bucket of water. BG—USI
(Draw buckets of water. JB) Draw back. NEB2
*Draw buckets of water. JB
(Draw a bucket of water. BG—USI) Draw thou my soul, O Christ. See Sullivan. St. Edmund. TLB
Dream. Reinecke. HMC1
Music only Dream baby. FS
*Drink to me only with thine eyes. CPP—EFS—FS *Drip, drop, drip, drop, sprinkle everywhere. Valentine. VBD Drop the handkerchief. Gaynor. SCI
Drops are falling, falling. See Knowlton. April rain. NS Drops are pouring down. See Knowlton. Summer shower. NS Drops of rain! Drops of rain! See Sawyer. Child's inquiry. EL Drummer. Taubert. SL2 *Drummer boy. Conrade. GS Drummer boys. Funkhouser. FSK . Du willst mich kratzen. See Dog and cat. RCS Duck. HMC2
Music only Duck dance. BG
(Reinecke. Barcarole. FS)
(Reinecke. I saw a ship a-sailing. HR)
(Ship a-sailing. EL)
(Fairy ship. BB) Duck game. Sawyer. EL Duckling. Gaynor. LL Dugan. Babe Jesus. EL
------Carol, oh, carol! WS
------Glad Easter is here. HS
------Good-morning song. WS
------Little Boy Blue. WS
------Parting song. WS
------Shine out, oh blessed star! WS
------Watering the flowers. EL
------Wind and the leaves. EL
------Winter song. EL
Duke and the castle. HC Duke Marlborough. FS Duke of Marlborough. FDM
Music only Dulce domum. Reading. TLB

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