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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Don your cap and apron. See Gaynor. Sweeping and dusting.
SC2 Don't you think so? See Cornell. Song of the robin. StN *Doors of morning. JB *Dormi. FS
Dors, dors, mon enfant. See Sleep, sleep, my darling. RCS Dost remember, dear, when last autumn. See Heise. Little
Karen. EFS
Dost thou no longer love me? See Siciliana. EFS Dotty and the clock. Brewster. BSS Double-set back. NEB2 Douglas. Annie Laurie. FS
------Family drum corps. NS
Douty. Bell-man. TLB
------Better music ne'er was known. TLB
Dove. Yradier. FS
Dove cote. Smith. SL1
Dove talk. Smith. LCD
Dow. Snowflakes. EL
Down amid the wheat and hay. See Gaynor. Poppy lady. LL
Down below our one we go. See Cole. Scale song, no. 7. CM
Down by a shining water well. See Stevenson. My kingdom.
(Ramsay. My kingdom. SF) Down by the brook's green turning. See Dairy. FS Down by the old farmhouse. See Clear cool pond. FS Down by the water stands the mill. See Gaynor. Mill. SC2 Down goes baby, mother's pet. See Bullard. Falling, falling.
(Adapted from Froebel. Falling, falling. MP)
Down he goes, now falling, falling. See Froebel. Falling, fall­ing. MP
(Adaptation: Bullard. Falling, falling. SM) Down in the buttercup meadow. Hubbard. MSG Down in the dear old orchard. Jenks. EL—HS Down in the deep grass. See Gilchrist. Midsummer frolics. StN Down in the fields where the wild flow'rs grow. See Methfessel. Dandelion. SHS.
Down in the grass under my feet. See Gaynor. To a dandelion.
LL *Down in the grassy meadow. Taubert. RCS Down in the pleasant meadow. See Tabram. Haymakers KC
Down in the valley, deep, deep, deep. See Cole. Where they
grow. CM
(Where they grow. BSS) Down the little raindrops patter. See Batchellor. Shower and
flower. WS

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