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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Dictation exercises with the blocks. Gaynor. SCI Did you ever blow a bubble. See Gaynor. Bubbles. SC2 Did you ever hear of pussies. See Gebauer. Queer pussies. HS *Did you ever see a lassie? BG—USI
(Smith. Did you ever see a lassie? SL2) *Diddle-dy diddle. m LBS Dietrich. To a daisy. TC
------Woodland lullaby. TC
Ding, ding, ding, from the high tower. See Smith. Chimes.
LCD Ding, dong! Hoffman. StN
(Molloy. Ding,dong. StN) Ding, dong! Tufts. CL
Ding, dong, bell! Nimble little Nell. See Smith. Prompt. LCD *Ding dong bell! Pussy's in the well. CBO
(Elliott. Ding, dong, bell. MG) Ding, dong, come along. See Froelich. Dancing song. HR
(Reinecke. Dancing song. FC) Ding, dong, dell. Hubbard. MSG Ding dong, ding dong! See Gaynor. Hickory dickory dock.
SC2 Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong bell. See Cole. What the
bells say. CM Ding dong, ding dong, hear the fire bells loudly ring. See Val­entine. Fireman. VBD Ding dong, ding dong! I'll sing you a song. See Tufts. Ding
dong. CL Ding, dong, ding! In solemn chime. See Hill. Old year and
New Year. HS Dinkey bird. Kelley. FSC *Dip your bread, Marie. RCS
(Variant: Dip your bread, Polly. LBS) *Dip your bread, Polly. LBS
(Variant: Dip your bread, Marie. RCS) Direction game. HR Dixie's land. Emmett. EFS—FS *Do, do, pity my case. NG
*Do the little brown twigs complain? Smith. SL1 Do you ever think when you see a flow'r. See Neidlinger. Small
and great. ES2 Do you hear the song of rain? See Hill. Rain on the roof. SHS *Do you know how many stars? Hubbard. MSG
(God knows. RCS) Do you know of the Land of Nod? See Gaynor. Land of Nod
SCI Do you know the muffin man? See Muffin man. BG—HC—
JB—USI *Do you know the way to plant the choux? JB

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