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Index to Kindergarten Songs                           43
Dandelion. Methfessel. SHS
Dandelion cycle. Knowlton. NS
Dandelion, dandelion, where's your cup of gold. See Knowlton.
Dandelion. NS Dandelion fashions. Smith. SL2 Dandelions. Suck. StN Dandelions, dandelions, like golden stars are you. See Gaynor.
Dandelion. SCI Danse de Strasbourg (Ecossaise). FDM
Music only Dapple gray horse. See Taubert. Soldier song. FSSL2 Dark brown is the river. See Stevenson. Where go the boats.
For eomposers see Stevenson. Where go the .boats. *Darling little fingers. Weber. HR Dawn. Barnby. TLB Day. Knowlton. NS Day and night. Neidlinger. ES Day I left my home for the rolling sea. See Yradier. Dove.
FS *Day is dying. Roeckel. TLB Day is now spent. See At the beginning and at the close of day,
no. 6. PS
(Variant: Day's far spent. JB) Day's far spent. JB
(Variant: At the beginning and at the close of day, no. 6.
PS) Dayre. Jolly Joe. CM
------Summer shower. NS
Dear child, we welcome you to-day. See Gaynor. Welcome
song. SCI Dear grandmama is knitting. See Gaynor. Grandma's knitting
song. SCI Dear, here I sit and sit. See Terhune. Tithing-man. CC *Dear little ball. SL1 Dear little buttercups shine in the grass. See Sheehan. To the
wildflowers. OSM Dear little Daffy-down-dilly. See Gaynor. Daffy-down-dilly.
SCI Dear little dollie is Emmie so fair. See Cole. Dolly. CM Dear little friends across the way. See Reinecke. Visit. SM Dear little lamb says: "Ba, ba." See Neidlinger. Little lamb.
SSS *Dear little lambs in happy fold. Kies. MSL Dear little light bird, happy and free. See Jenks. Light bird.
EL Dear little pansies are lifting their heads. See Conrade. Pan-
sies. GS

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