INDEX To Kindergarten Songs Including
Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
*Curley locks. Elliott. MG
Cushman. Wheel song. EL
Cut finger. Neidlinger. SSS
Cycle of the year. Neidlinger. ESI
Cylinder. Hubbard. MSG
Cylinder song. EL
Czerny. Number game. HR
Da draussen auf der Aue. See Taubert. Down in a grassy
meadow. RCS Daddy, daddy, long legged daddy. See Meissner. Granddaddy
longlegs. ASC *Daffodil lady. Gaynor. LL Daffodils, daffodils, daisies and buttercups. See Palmer. Little
maid Margery. StN Daffy-down-dilly. Bacon. EL Daffy-down-dilly. Gaynor. SCI Daffy-down-dilly. Smith. SL2
Dainty little stockings. See Cole. Christmas song, BSS Dainty milkweed babies. See Smith. Milkweed babies. SL2 Dairy. FS
Daisies. Gaynor. SC2 Daisies and stars. Conrade. GS *Daisies are dancing. Smith. SL2 Daisies in the meadows. Conrade. GS
(Walker. Out in the meadows. WS) Daisies white are nursery maids. See Conrade. Daisy nurses. GS
(Knowlton. Daisy nurses. NS) Daisy. Batchellor. WS Daisy. Haydn. HR
(Reinecke. Daisy. SL1)
(Reinecke. Field daisy. FC) Daisy and the wind. Neidlinger. SSS Daisy buds. Tufts. CL *Daisy dear. Hubbard. MSG Daisy nurses. Conrade. GS
(Knowlton. Daisy nurses. NS) Daldans. ( FDM
Music only. Dalecarlian maiden's song. Lindbald. EFS Dame, get up and bake your pies. See Xmas day in ye morning.
CBO Damrosch. Easter carol. StN
(Fairlamb. Easter carol. StN)
(Hubbard. Sweetly the birds are singing. MSG) ------Handel. StN
(Stanley. Handel. StN)
------In the wood. StN
------Jessie. StN

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