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Index to Kindergarten Songs                           37
Conrade. Sparrow. GS
------Sweet Pea. GS
------Sweet summer's gone away. GS
------Swinging. GS
------Thanksgiving day. GS
(Hubbard. Thanksgiving day. MSG)
(Morton. Thanksgiving song. WS)
(Sleigh-ride. HR)
------Thanksgiving joys. GS
------To Santa Claus. GS
------ Tradespeople. GS
(Hubbard. Swallow. MSG) ------Where they go. GS
(Walker. Where do all the daisies go? WS) Constant Billy. NEB1 Continued story. Gaynor. LL Coo, coo, coo, coo. See Froebel. Cuckoo. MP Coo-oo, coo-oo, coo-oo, coo. Let me speak a word too. See
Cole. Who stole the bird's nest. CM "Coo-oo-wo." So in love to its mate calls the dove. See Smith.
Dove talk. LCD Cook. Gaynor. LL
Cool the grass to the brown, bare feet. See Gaynor. Bringing the
cattle home. LL Coolun. EFS.
Coonley. Anvil song. GS
------Arbor day. GS-
------As Joseph was walking. GS
------Autumn flowers. GS
------Autumn leaves. GS
------Bird day. GS
------Brownies. GS
------Child's birthday. GS.
------Clock. GS
------Columbus. GS
------Dancing song. GS
------Doll day. GS
------Doll's cradle song. GS
------Easter. GS
------Eskimo. GS
------First flag. GS
------Flower day. GS
------Froebel. GS
------Good-morning. GS
------Good-night. GS
------Growing. GS
------Indian. GS
------Japanese. GS

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