INDEX To Kindergarten Songs Including
Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Cole. Where they grow. CM
(Where they grow. BSS)
------Who stole the bird's nest? CM
Coleridge. Song of Illyrian peasants. TLB
*Columbia, the gem of the ocean. Shaw. GS
Columbus. Gaynor. GS
Columbus dreamed of distant lands. See Gaynor. Columbus. GS
*Columbus saw across the main. Johns. TC
Comarinskaia. FDM
Music only.
Come, all ye young men, in your evil ways. See Baptist game. NG
*Come and join our carol. Story. WS
*Come and join our circle. Smith. SL2
*Come and join our roundelay. JB
Come and see, come and see. See Pendulum. WS
*Come, Aurora. FS
Come, awaken, awaken, my little Boy Blue. See Morning. FS
Come ball to the children. See Smith. So bright and so round. SL1
Come chick, chick, chick, chickie. See Grieg. Farmyard song. FS
Come child, and see the moon. See Froebel. Child and the moon.
MP Come children all. See Wiggin. Village dance. KC
Come children, clasp your neighbor's hand. See Gaynor. Set of games. SC2
Come children, stand a moment still. See Water mill. US1 Come children with me to the garden. See Little gardener. SM Come, come and form a ring. See Wiggin. Ring song, No. 2. KC Come, come come! See Weber .Ring song, No. 1. KC Come, come, come! Oh, come and form a merry ring. See Wig­gin. Ring song, No. 3. KC Come, come, come! Oh, come and form a ring. See Smith. Ring
song, No. 7. KC *Come, come, come, one and all. RCS
Come, come, let's reap the flax plant to-day. See Reaping the flax. KK
Come, come, my little Spitz. See Fritz and Spitz. RCS
Come, come, my pretty Fido. See Fido and his master. HR
Come, come, one and all. See Wiggin. Ring song, No. 5. KC
Come, come, people come! See Hill. Church bells. SHS
Come, come, my pretty man. JB
Come dance and be gay. See Richter. May dancing song. HR
*Come dance, little Thumbkin. Hailmann. HR
Come, dear little children. Himmel. Thanksgiving song. SHS
Come forth, little flowers. See Wiggin. Spring's call to the flowers.
KC *Come here, little Robin. Tufts. CL
Come here, my dearest dear. See Shoot the buffalo. USI

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