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Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Circles. Smith. SL2
City lad and country lass. Koschat. EFS
City rat and the country rat. FS
Clacker. Conrade. GS
Clang! Clang! Clang! That's the fire bell I hear. See Funk-
houser. Fireman. FSK Clang! Clang! goes the blacksmith's hammer. See Gaynor.
Blacksmith. SCL Clap, clap the hands. See Roeske. Santa Claus. PFP Clappers. PS
Clappers in the corn mill. See Clappers. PS Clapping song. Gaynor. SCI Clarke. Chanticleer. StN ------In the tree-top. StN
(Knowlton. In the tree-top. NS)
------Love virtue. TLB
------Two kittens. StN
Clean kitchen table. See Gaynor. Cook. LL
Clear cool pond. FS
Clench, clench, clench. See Joiner. PS
(Froebel. Joiner. MP)
(Hubbard. Zisch, zisch, zisch. MSG)
(Seidel. Joiner. HR) Click-a-tick-a-tick. See Gaynor. Telegraph. SC2 *Click, clack, click, clack, merrily flows the rill. Osgood. RCS Clickety, clackety, now the wheels run. See Ingraham. Riding
on the rail. StN
(Bartlett. Riding on the rail. StN) *Cling, cling, clinkerty clink. Hubbard. MSG
Clip, clap. RCS
(Millwheel. PS)
Cloak of purple velvet. See Gaynor. King Pansy. LL
Clock. HR
Clock. Atkinson. GS
Clock game. Wiggin. KC
Clock now points the hour. See Sheehan. Good-bye song.
OSM Clocks and watches. Koehler. HR
Clocks forever repeating. See Gaynor. Tick-tock. LL Clod. Koschat. EFS *Close hidden in my hand it lies. WS
Close, little eyelets and go to dreamland. See Hurd. Lullabye. Closing song. KC Clouds. Atkinson. SV Clouds and sunshine. Allen. StN
Clouds are passing o'er the sky. See Lach. Spring rain. SL2 Clouds of gray are in the sky. See Hill. Nature's good-night.

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