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Index to Kindergarten Songs
*Christmas, glad Christmas. Kendall. HS Christmas greeting. Hubbard. MSG Christmas has come. KC Christmas hymn. Gottschalk. KC (Reinecke. Christmas hymn. FC) (Smith. Christmas hymn. SL1)
*Christmas is coming. Hubbard. MSG
*Christmas is here. HR
Christmas joys. Gaynor. SC2
Christmas joys are over. See Gaynor. New Year. SC2
Christmas lullaby. Hill. SHS
Christmas manger hymn. GS
*Christmas! Merry Christmas! We greet it. Sherwood. HS
Christmas night. Hill. SHS
Christmas picture. Morton. HS
Christmas secrets. Gaynor. SC2
Christmas song. (Holy night.) Adam. GS
Christmas song. Brewster. BSS
Christmas song. Cole. BSS
Christmas song. Haydn. HR
Christmas song. Reinecke. FC
Christmas song. Rieff. KC
Christmas song. Root. SV
(Bingham. Why do bells for Christmas ring. BM) Christmas song. Schwartz. BSS Christmas song. Smith. SL2 Christmas star. Hill. SHS *Christmas time is coming. Smith. LCD Christmas tree march. Rieff. KC Christmas waltz-song. Andre. KC Christmas welcome. GS Christmas wreath. HC Church. Gaynor. SCI Church. Smith. SL2
(Adapted from Froebel. Church window and church door. MP)
(Variant: Hubbard. Church bell. MSG) Church. Smith. SM
Church bell. Hubbard. MSG
(Froebel. Church window and church door. MP)
(Variant: Smith. Church. SL2) Church bells. Hill. SHS *Church bells. Martin. MSL Church bells. Montz. IMS Church window and church door. Froebel. MP
(Hubbard. Church bell. SL2)
(Adaptation: Smith. Church. SL2) Circle march. Montz. IMS

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