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Index to Kindergarten Songs
By the moon's pale light. Lully. FS
By the North Pole dwells, we know. See Gaynor. Eskimo. GS
By yon bonnie banks, and by yon bonnie braes. See Loch Lomond.
EFS—FS—TLB *Bye, baby, birds are sleeping. Boott. StN Bye, Baby Bunting. See Baby Bunting. LBS—OYA Bye baby bye. Hill. SHS
(Smith. Bye, baby, night has come. SL2—StN) Bye, baby, bye. Main. EL
Bye, baby, day is over. See Main. Bye, baby, bye. EL *Bye, baby, night has come. Smith. SL2—StN
(Hill. Bye baby bye. SHS) Bye-low-bye, bye-low-bye. See Terhune. Cradle carol. CC Bye O, Baby Bunting. See Baby Bunting. LBS—OYA
Cable. Neidlinger. ESI Cachucha. FS Cackling hen. Smith. LCD Calendar song. RCS
(Conrade. Calendar song. GS) Call. Like the ball we move around. WS Call of the crow. Knowlton. NS
Call the pigeons, baby dear. See Reinecke. Beckoning the pig­eons. SM Call to the circle. Gaynor. SCI Callcott. Love wakes and weeps. TLB Caller herrin\ FS Calling the flowers. Hahn. BSS Calling the tides. Tufts. CL Calling the violet. Knowlton. NS *Campbells are comin\ EFS—FS *Can a little child like me? Bassford. EL
(Story. Can a little child like me? WS) Can ye sew cushions. FS *Can you count the stars? Smith. SL1
(Canst thou count the stars? WS) *Can you plant the seeds? RCS *Can you show me how the farmer? JB
(Farmer. LBS)
(Farmer. PS)
(Farmer and the housewife. KK)
(Froebel. Farmer. SM)
(Koehler. Farmer. HR)
(Shall I show you the farmer? RCS) Can you tell us how the farmer? See Farmer and the housewife.
For variants see above. Canadian boat song. Arnold. TLB

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