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Singing Games and Folk Songs

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Brown. Daisy nurses. GS
------Hide and seek. EL
------Lady bird. EL
------May. WS
------Over the bare hills far away. WS
------Peter White. RCS
------Pretty game. EL
------Raindrops. GS
------Reason why. WS
------Santa Claus. EL
------Seasons. EL
------Spring song. EL
------Summer day. EL
------This is little Tommy Thumb. EL
------Washing day. EL
------Welcome to the pussy willows. EL
------When Christ was born. FS
Brown birds are flying. See Smith. Good-bye to summer. SLl
Brownie. Gaynor. LL
*Brownie firefly. Meissner. ASC
Brownie Polska. KK
Brownies. Atkinson. GS
Brownies. Gaynor. SCI
Brownies. Reinhold. HMC2
Music only. Brownies are hidden away. See Atkinson. Brownies. GS Brownies' dance. Funkhouser. FSK. Browning. Rabbi Ben Ezra. TLB Bruder, ich und du. See Lullaby. RCS Bryant. Planting of the apple tree. HS
------Robert of Lincoln. GS
------To the fringed gentian. TLB
Bubbles. Gaynor. SC2
Bubbles, bubbles. See Neidlinger. Soapbubbles. SSS *Bubbles, bubbles I love to blow. Cole. CM Bucket song. Hubbard. MSG
(Walker. Bucket song. WS) Bucket song. Rust. EL
Bubbling and splashing and foaming and dashing. See Purcell.
Knowledge and wisdom. RCS *Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul. Farwell. TLB Builders we would like to be. See Wiggin. Building song. KC Building song. Wiggin. KC Building the house. Gaynor. LL Bullard. All gone. SM
(Hurd. All gone. PTS)
------Charcoal-burner. SM
------Cuckoo. SM

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