INDEX To Kindergarten Songs Including
Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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I ndex to Kindergarten Songs
Bluebird. Hubbard. MSG
(Bluebird. WS) Bluebird. Neidlinger. SSS Bluebird, canary, the robin redbreast. See Wiggin. Flight of the
birds. KC Bluebird sat on a tree and sang. See Bacon. Summer is coming. EL Bluehe, liebes Veilchen. See Schulz. Blossom pretty flower. REC Bluff King Hal. See May pole dance. BFD Bo-Peep. CBO
(Conrade. Little Bo-Peep. GS)
(Elliott. Little Bo-Peep. MG)
(Little Bo-Peep. KM) Boat. Rust. EL
Boat ride. Smith. SL2
Boat song. HRóWS
(Lightly row, lightly row. RCS) Boat song. Reinhold. HMC1
Music only. Boat song. Weidig. TC
(Fanning. Boat song. TC) Boating. Gaynor. SC2 Boating song. Ring. SCI Bob White. Conrade. GS *Bobbie Shafto, it is he. Smeltzer. SZ Bobby Shafto. Gaynor. LL
(Bobby Shafto's gone to sea. OYA) *Bobby Shafto's gone to sea. OYA
(Gaynor. Bobby Shafto. LL) Bobolink. Cole. CM Bobolink. Gaynor. SC2
"Bobolink, bobolink" this is my tune. See Cole. Bobolink. CM Bobolink is a jolly bird. See Gaynor. Bobolink. SC2 Bold snow-man. Smith. LCD Bolero. Page. HMC2
Music only. Bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. See Loch Lomond. FS Bonnie Dundee. EFS Bonnie laddie, Highland laddie. FS Bonny breast knot. NEB2 *Bootblacks. KC
Boott. Bye, baby birds are sleeping. StN ------Run, little rivulet, run. RCSóWS
(Bertini. Little rivulet. HR)
------Snow filled nest. StN
Bossy cow. LCD
Bowing game. Chapek. HS
Bowl of bread and milk. Neidlinger. SSS
Boy and the brook. Sawyer. EL

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