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Index to Kindergarten Songs
*Birdies in the greenwood. Walker. WS
(Birdie. PS)
(Weber. Birdies in the greenwood. HR) Birdie's song. Frost. WS
(Cornwell. There was once a little birdie. EL)
(Rust. There was once a little birdie. EL) Birdlings are singing to welcome the dawn. See Song of love.
RCS Birdling's good-night to the flowers. Smith. SL2 Birds. PS
(Hubbard. Hopping and flying together. MSG) Birds all the summer day flutter and quarrel. See Stevenson.
Nest eggs. SF
(Ramsay. Nest eggs. SF) Birds and angels. Reinecke. FC Birds and bees and flowers. See Randegger. Prayer. KC
(Randegger. Song of thanks. EL) Birdies are flitting here and there. See Chapek. Birds' joy. HS Birds are singing, the bells are ringing. See Gilchrist. Going
to the fair. StN Birds'duet. FS Birds flying. Montz. IMS
Birds have their nest. See Sheehan. My garden flowers. OSM Birds in autumn. Chapek. HS Birds in summer. Tufts. CL Birds in the nest. Taubert. RCS Birds in the woods. Hollaender. HMC1
Music only. Birds in winter. Cole. CM Birds' joy. Chapek. HS Birds must fly. Hubbard. MSG *Birds' nest. HS Bird's nest. Gaynor. SCI Bird's nest. Gilchrist. SM Bird's nest. Hailmann. HR
(Adapted from Hubbard. See my little birdie's nest. MSG) Bird's nest. Hurd. PTS Bird's nest. Kohl. SM Birds of passage. Reinecke. FC
Birds of spring with gladness sing. See Chapek. Easter morn­ing. HS Birge. Morning sunshine. HS Birth of the butterfly. Gaynor. SCI Birthday greeting. Gaynor. SCI Birthday greeting. Jenks. EL Birthday march. Schumann. HMC2
Music only. Birthday song. Reinecke. SL1
(Reinecke. Mother's birthday. FC)

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