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Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Bells swing far and near. See Thompson. Glad Christmas-tide. EL
Beneath the grass and flowers. See Neidlinger. Buried stone. ES
Beneath the shade on the sunny bright lea. See Reinecke. When mother was ill. FC
Berat. My Normandy. FS
Bergere. BB
(Shepherd maiden. FS) (Shepherdess. RCS)
Berghs. Music box. HMC1 Music only.
Berry. Children, we're beginning. KC
------Rider. KC
------Sparrow's nest. KC
Bertini. I am the wind. HR
(Cornwell. Wind. EL)
(Hubbard. I am the wind. MSG)
(Sawyer. Wind. EL) — Little rivulet. HR
m (Boott. Run, little rivulet, run. RCS—WS) Beside the brook grow flow'rets blue. See Schubert. Miller's
flowers. FS Beside the clear streamlet. See Reinecke. Mill. FC *Better music ne'er was known. Douty. TLB Beyond the shadows lies Twilight Town. See Jenks. Twilight
Town. EL Bibabutzemann. RCS Bicycle. Loomis. HMC2
Music only. Biehl. Game of tag. HMC2
Music only. Big and bright electric light. See Gaynor. Electric light. SC2 Big bright sun shines down on me. See Smith. Sunshine far
and near. LCD Big copper kettle. See Neidlinger. Kettle. SSS *Big John Stout. Smeltzer. SZ Big old mumbly, bumbly bee. See Meissner. Mr. Bumble Bee.
ASC Big policeman stands all day. Valentine. VBD Big round world. See Gaynor. Oh, wide, wide world. SCI *Big ship sails. JB
Big tall clock in the hall. See Neidlinger. Tick-tock. SSS Big thumbs up. See Hey, thumbs up. KK Billy boy. OYA Billy Buttercup. Stoeckel. StN Billy Pringle had a little pig. BB Bingham. Balloon man. BM

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