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Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Be Ba Babity. JB
Be kind, little children. See Elliott. Song of kindness. SL1
Be quiet, dear cube, it is my will. See Hubbard. Cube. MSG
Be thorough. HR
Beach. Singing joyfully. TC
Beacon of long ago. Neidlinger. ES2
Beaming, shining bright and clear. See Smith. Lighthouse. LCD
Bean-setting. NEB2
Beating the clover. See St. John. Rain. BSS
Beaumont. Better music ne'er was known. TLB
Beaumont. Gavotte. HMC2
Music only. Beautiful faces are they that wear. See Mackenzie. Things of
beauty. TC Beautiful rainclouds, sailing on high. See Hill. Rain clouds. SHS Beautiful snowclouds. See Hill. Snow clouds. SHS Beautiful world. Cole. CM
(Adapted from Stevenson. Happy thought. CGV) Becker. Let's play soldiers. HMC2
Music only.
*Beckon to the chickens. Froebel. MP Beckon to the pigeons. Froebel. MP Beckoning the chickens. Gilchrist. SM Beckoning the pigeons. Reinecke. SM Bed. Smith. SL1
Bed in summer. Stevenson. CGVCMFSKLBSSFSS For composers see Stevenson. Bed in summer.
Bed time. Browne. EL
Bed time. Grove. HS
Bed time. Smith. LCD
Bed time. Smith. SV
Bee. EL
Bee. Neidlinger. SSS
Bee and robin. PS
Bee game. Abt. HR
*Bee is a rover. Tufts. CL
Bee was sporting in the sun. See Bee and robin. PS
Bees. MSG
(Busy workers. HR)
Bees. PS
Bees. Fischer. HR
Bees have flown away yonder. See Bees. PS
Bees in the cherry-tree. See Tufts. Cherry-tree. CL
Bees' market. Hill. SHS
Bees' return. PS
Beethoven. Allegretto. HMC1 Music only.
------Autumn song. HR

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