INDEX To Kindergarten Songs Including
Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Atkinson. Good-night. GS
------Lincoln. GS
------Little stars. SV
—— Longfellow. GS
------Rainbow. GS
------Red, white and blue. GS
------Song of the nut. GS
------Wake up. GS
——Washington song. GS
------Windmill. GS
Au clair de la lune. See Lully. By the moon's pale light. FS
August. Knowlton. NS
Auld lang syne. Burns. EFS—FS
Austrian hymn. Haydn. TLB
Austrian national hymn. Haydn. FS
Autumn. Gaynor. SC2
Autumn. Hiller. HMC1
Music only. Autumn. Hitte. DM
Autumn. Martin. MSL
Autumn fires. Stevenson. EL—SF
For composers see Stevenson. Autumn fires. Autumn flowers. Conrade. GS Autumn leaves. Gaynor. GS Autumn leaves. HR
(Hill. Fall leaves. SHS)
(Osgood. Come little leaves. MSG—RCS—WS)
(Smith. Come little leaves. SL2) Autumn leaves. Macey. EL Autumn leaves falling yellow and brown. See Macey. Autumn
leaves. EL Autumn leaves are whirling. See Smith. Finding the place. SL2 Autumn song. Beethoven. HR Autumn song. Russell. HS Autumn wind. Smith. LCD *Autumn winds are crying. Smith. SL1 Awake. Gaynor. LL Awake! awake! Houseman. HS *Awake my soul, stretch every nerve. Handel. TLB Awake, said the sunshine. See Mendelssohn. Spring song. SL1 *Awake ye little sleepers. Froebel. HR Awakening. Gaynor. SC2 Awakening song. Hill. SHS Away among the blossoms. EL
(Hubbard. Away among the blossoms. MSG) Away, away, away, away among the blossoms. See Hubbard. Away
among the blossoms. MSG
(Away among the blossoms. EL)

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