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Index to Kindergarten Songs
As the vane upon the tower. See Hailmann. Weather vane. HR (Froebel. Weather vane. MP)
As wandering up and down one day. See Hubbard. Shoe­maker. MSG
*As we go round the mulberry bush. NG (Going round the mulberry bush. HR) (Here we go round the mulberry bush. HC) (Little washerwoman. KK) (Mulberry bush. CBO—BG—FS—JB—LBS)
Ashmall. Waken, little children. SL1
Asleep. HR
(Ball song, no. 10. PS)
(Hubbard. Little ball lies in my hand. MSG)
(Mozart. Going to sleep. HR) At close of day the sunset past. See Hill. Butterfly and moth.
SHS At Easter-tide. Sheehan. OSM At Easter time. WS
(Smith. Easter song. SL1) At evening the maiden dear. See Froebel. Little maiden and
the stars. MP At evening when I go to bed. See Conrade. Daisies and stars.
GS At evening when the lamp is lit. See Stevenson. Land of story
books. SS
(Bartlett. Land of story books. SS) At last we've caught you. See Little bird. RCS At night. Randegger. TC *At summer morn. FS
At the beginning and at the close of play, no. 1-5. PS At the beginning and at the close of play, no. 6. PS
(Variant: Day's far spent. JB) At the beginning and at the close of play, no. 7. PS
(Forward, homeward. HR) At break of Christmas day. See Sawyer. The waits. EL At the dawn the light is sent. See Hill. Certainty of law. SHS At the window. Pratt.- StN At thy door I'm knocking. See Lully. By the moon's pale
light. FS Atkinson. Brownies. GS
------Clock. GS
------Clouds. SV
------Cradle song. SV
------Doll day. GS
------Doll's cradle song. GS
------First flag. GS
------Good-morning. GS

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