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Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Ah, the drops are pouring down. See Knowlton. Summer shower.
NS Ah, violet, dearest violet. See Schults. Violet. FC—KC—MSL—
For composers see Schults. Violet. Ah! who comes here. See Punchinello. HC Aiken drum. BB Air du roi Louis XIII. Page. HMC2
Music only. *Air is filled with the echoes. Morton. WS Air is full of mystery. See Gaynor. Christmas secrets. SC2 Airy, fairy snowflakes. See Gaynor. SCI Alabieff. Nightingale. FS Alas! my love you do me wrong. See My Lady Greensleeves. NEBI
(Marzials. My Lady Greensleeves. CPP) Albert. God's blessing on work. SHS
Album leaf. Grieg. HMC2
Music only Album leaf. Sartorio. HMC2
Music only Alcott. O sing with cheery voices. SL2 Alden. Lost, the summer. GS *Aider by the river. Sawyer. EL
(Strauchauer. Alder by the river. WS) Aldrich. Bronze, brown eyes. StN
------Christ church bells. RCS
------Cradle song. TC
------Marjorie's almanac. StN
Alexander. All things bright and beautiful. HR—SHS
Alice's supper. Smith. SLI
*All aboard. Funkhouser. FSK
All about, all about, baby's feet are flying. See Froebel. Play
with the limbs. SM All alone I wander here. See Alone I wander. KK All around the chicken coop. See Pop goes the weasel. OYA All around the house. See Stevenson. Shadow march. SF
(Ramsay. Shadow march. SF) All around the Maypole. See Maypole style. JB All around the mulb'ry bush. Cole. CM All day long I hear a song. See Cole. My song. TC All for baby. Roeske. PFP All frosty stands Christmas. See Hill. Yes, come! dear dear
Christmas. HS All gone! Hubbard. MSG
(Froebel. All's gone. MP) All gone baby. Smith. SLI
*All gone! the supper's gone! Hurd. PTS (Bullard. All gone. SM)

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