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When Ireland Was One
( By Joe Dunn & Kenn Gordon )

Who can remember when Ireland was one
When North or South all were her sons
No Union flags flew ore the Emeral Isle
Before British Armies came to kill and defile
Brultal laws and deportation
These were the ways of a foreign nation

There were some who arose to fight and defy
History tells us of those who were willing to die
With stories of heros and brave Irishmen true
Who fought for freedom from the red white and blue
Others who followed still fight to this day
To give us the right to live our own way

In nineteen sixteen a new spirit arose
With armed rebellion and open revolt
On Easter in Dublin when they made a stand
The freedom of Ireland was their just demand
Connolly and his his volunteer army swore
To drive British tyrants back home from our shores

Imprisoned and tortured by quislings and Brits
Our country divided a North and South split
We've wached as her sons and daughters were slain
We've suffered their torture and withstood their pain
The sacrifice made must not be in vain
United Ireland it must be one again

For eight hundred years this war has gone on
And for eight hundred more until freedom is won
Both Derry and Belfast are ours by right
And we'll fight til thirty ywo counties unite
We've fought them with pike and swords in our hands
Now bullets and bombs will free Ireland

Til Ireland is rulled by the Irish alone
Remember the names Bobby Sands and Wolfe Tone
Give praise to the others who have died all alone
In streets or in prisons surrounded by stone
We can never forgive or let others condone
The crimes they commit in the name of their throne

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