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Through The Eyes Of An Irishman

When I was a boy around about three
I remember my granfather whispering to me
He said learn to appriciate all that you see
Because one day it will all mean so much to you
Well without realizing the word he did say
Sure it started me seeing things in a differant way
Just like the colour of the sun going down on the bay
It was a sight I`d never forget

And we'll all meet tonight every child every woman and man
For we know in our hearts that we'll always be part
Of our proud and wonderful land
Yes we'll all meet tonight and we'll sintg as loud as we can
Of an Island so green it can only be seen
Through the eyes of an Irishman

Oh the days of my youth were spent searching the land
And I couldn't believe all the beauty I'd found
Like the flowers and the trees rising out of the ground
Full of colour and so full of life
Well at twenty four years thats when I started to roam
But it didn't take much to remind me of home
And I think of all the places and the people I've known
And I may never see again.


Well I left Irish shores when I was thirty years old
And I sailed to my future of silver and gold
But when the rush was over I was out in the cold
It hurt my pocket but never my pride
Now there's fire in my heart and my memories still strong
Oh how I long for the moment how I yearn for the song
And how I'm missing the place that I loved all along
That I may never see again


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