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 ( chorus )
Sweet Sailortown Sue , where are you today ?
They've filled in the docks around the oul Quay
And knocked down the streets where we used to play
Ah, Sailortown Sue, where are you today ?

'Tis well I recall those long ago times
Our hearts were so young and songs still had rhymes
We thought that the joy would last all our days
But fate had us set to go different ways
I travelled the world and left you behind
I worked on the land I worked down the mine
Worked all of my life come sunshine or rain
But now I'm worn out and back home again
The news that I heard , you'd left Sailortown
To the bright lights you'd gone in search of a pound
And somebody saw you working the street
Selling your love to each guy you'd meet
I'm old and I'm grey my time's nearly done
The curtain must fall the last race is run
I've lived my life long I've lived my life true
Sweet Sailortown Sue I'm lonely for you

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