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Rory O'More

Do you ask why the beacon and the banner of war,
On the mountains of Ulster are seen from afar,
Oh this is the signal our rights to secure,
'Cause we trust in God and in Rory O'More.

For the merciless Scots with their creed and their swords,
With war in their bosoms and peace in their words,
Have sworn the bright light of our faith to obscure,
But we trust in God and in Rory O'More

On the green hills of Ulster our banner waves high
And the beacon of war blows a flame to the sky.
On the green hills of Ulster that is for sure,
We'll fight for Rory O'More

Through days and days of war and strife, of hunger and of woe,
We fought the bitter fight of life against the Saxon foe.
Our fairest hopes to burst our chains have died in vain regret,
But still the glorious truth remains - we are not conquered yet !

And if at last our colour should be torn from Erin's heart,
Her sons with shame and sorrow from the dear old isle will part.
But now the taunt and now the threat let the coward endure,
'Cause we will fight and we will die for Rory O'More.

Oh lives here the traitor who'd shrink from the strife,
To add to the length of a forfeited life.
His country, his kindred, his faith would abjure,
We'll strike for old Ireland and for Rory O'More !
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