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Rambling Robin

When first from boyhood I came to a man
To ramble the nation through I soon began
Oh the rambling thought came into my mind
So they christened me Rambling Robin-o
So they christened me Rambling Robin

O'er hills and o'er mountains I used for to go
I slept in the woods where there's frost and there's snow
No anxiety ever came into my mind
So contented was rambling robin-o
So contented was rambling robin

The wind and the rain - oh they blew me quite cold
Me parents at home they were both growing old
Oh My father did weep and my mother did cry
For the loss of their rambling robin-o

When 16 years they were over and past
My poor mother's sorrow was ended at last
And my father the nation did range through and through
In search of his Rambling Robin-o

When all me past follies they came to an end
To me own native village I did attend
But the neighbours they told me my parents were dead
Filled with grief for their rambling robin-o

Oh where shall I wander and where shall I go
Me heart - it is filled with sorrow and woe
And the nation I'll wander through and through
And an end put to rambling Robin-o,
And an end put to rambling robin.

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